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Sex With A Very Young Virgin Asian Girl

Her name was Suelita Socorro Mercado, and she was like an angel, full of innocence and beauty in her sweet eleven-year-old body. She was my first erotic encounter with a young girl. She was of Hispanic descent, but she looked very Filipino. Even other Filipinos thought Suelita was a Filipina.

For a year I had been dating her Aunt, Delores. I had become very close with Delores' sister Maria, often having dinner at their house, and even doing some  of the yard and house work for them whenever Maria's deadbeat husband "disappeared" with his friends for days at a time. I had spent a good amount of time with Suelita and had even helped her with her homework, and loaned them one of my laptop computers so she could do homework assignments and projects for school. Suelita's mom worked the night shift as a nurse, and often had to leave Suelita with a baby-sitter.

It was a cold October night in 1996 when I was with Delores in her condo, watching some TV and sharing a bottle of wine and some cheese with crackers. Maria had to report for her shift at the hospital, and she had no sitter for Suelita, so she had to drop her off with Delores for the night.

Delores tucked little Suelita into her bed right away, and Delores and I stayed out in the living room until about 2am. I was supposed to either go back to my place, or spend the night on the couch, but at 2am Delores decided she wanted to make love, so she had me carry little Suelita from the bed to sleep on the sofa.

It was almost ten years ago now, but I can still remember how I slid my hand under her taught, little behind as I put my hands underneath her to pick her up. I remember lifting up her warm, young body into my arms, her arms hanging limp, her sweet face glowing with innocence. When I set her down on the sofa, I remember seeing very well her cute little panties printed with little pink hearts on them. As I withdrew my hands from her, I slid them across her warm, round butt one last time. That was all it took….I was hooked.

Delores tucked Suelita in, and she and I went back to her bedroom and made love. She fell asleep, but I laid awake thinking about Suelita, my dick hard as a rock even after I had come. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

After about an hour I quietly slipped out of bed, and sat on the floor next to the sofa and just watched her breathing gently. She was lying on her stomach. I carefully pulled back the covers and slid my hand gently underneath her nightgown and proceeded to gently rub her back. He skin was incredibly smooth and supple. She moaned very softly, and opened her mouth ever so slightly as I continued to stroke her back. Then I ran my hand over her ass a little bit, and she didn't make any protests. So I did it some more, feeling her surprising firm, round ass. I slid my fingers down between her legs, and felt her warm, soft pussy for just a second, then went back to stroking her cute, round ass. Finally I got bold and slipped my finger under her little white panties, and touched her pussy a little bit with my fingers. It was like slow motion when it happened, and I can play back that fleeting but heavenly moment again and again. I can still feel the sensual warmth and softness of her virgin, bareskin pussy on my fingertips.

That was my first experience with a young girl, and I never had such an opportunity to enjoy the innocence of a young girl since then. But two moths ago I went to the Philippines, and I finally had the opportunity to enjoy a young girl once again.

Her name was Nay, and she was just 11 years old. Through some contacts I had made in the Philippines, I had managed to arrange Nay to come to my hotel room one afternoon. It was decided that the afternoon would be best, since it would arouse too much suspicion to have such a young girl coming to my hotel after dark.

Nay came to the room with her chaperone Angie, who was 24. (Angie was there to make sure nothing "bad" happened to my sweet little Nay.) I welcomed them both very warmly, especially Nay, giving her some chocolates I had bought just for her. For an hour we just sat about the room and watched some cartoons and music videos on the TV. Nay snacked on the candies and the chocolate milk, and she practiced counting in English. She smiled when she finally got to one hundred. Her smile was so fresh and cute, her eyes gleaming with perfect innocence. She was a gem.

Very politely, I asked her if she might like to take off her top for me. She was very hesitant and looked to her chaperone Angie to tell her what to do. Angie said a few words in Filipino and nodded her head, then Nay reluctantly but compliantly sat up and started to pull off her shirt. I helped her take her shirt off, and helped her take off her little bra. Then I just admired her sweet naked body. At first she covered herself with her arms, but I gently guided her arms to her side. I told her she looked very beautiful and she made me happy. Then I told her I was going to take off her pants, and I did, followed by slowly peeling off her cute white underwear, exposing her bare, virgin pussy.

I undressed myself, and told her I wanted to take a shower with her. We went into the bathroom and showered together while Angie sat on the toilet and watched us. While in the shower I touched Nay all over, feeling every crevice of her sweet, young body. She was very compliant and demure, never resisting any of my advances. I soaped up her entire body, covering in her shiny, wet skin with soapy white bubbles. And I gently and slowly ran my fingers in between her legs, over her soft, tight pussy, and up between the firm, round ass cheeks and over her tiny asshole.

After showering, I toweled her off very well, paying ample attention to drying the area between her legs of course. Then we went back to the bed, and I laid Nay down on it. I asked Angie to get undressed as well, and she took off her clothes, but kept her panties on for the moment.

I posed Nay in a variety of erotic positions and took some pictures of her. Then I pulled her knees up to her chest to allow an open view of her tiny little pussy, and started to gently lick between her legs. She moaned so very gently as I lapped at her virgin pussy with my tongue. Then I stood up and slowly pulled her close to me, presenting my stiff manhood before her. Angie was the one to instruct Nay what to do next, and she hesitated at first. But Angie took her hand and touched the back of Nay's head with her fingers, and told her again what to do. It was like heaven to feel her soft, warm lips wrap around the throbbing head of my cock. She took as much of my erect member into her mouth as possible, but her tiny mouth could barely take in my head. But it still felt wonderful, and just seeing this sweet, innocent girl taking the tip of my dick into her mouth was more than enough to give me an erotic thrill like I never could have imagined. She kept sucking on me very gently, clearly making a genuine effort to give me pleasure.

Angie asked me how I was, and I told her that Nay made me feel great. I gently pushed on the back on Nay's head to put my cock deeper into her little mouth. She coughed, and I could feel her throat convulsing against the tip of my head.

After a while we changed positions into a 69, and I rubbed some KY on her tiny, pink asshole. As I licked at her cute pussy, I slid a finger deep into her ass, and she squealed and her whole body tensed. Angie sprang forward and pulled at my hand to take my finger from her ass. She said it was hurting Nay too much and told me to stop. I did, but only for a few seconds. As soon as Angie let go of my arm, I buried my entire finger all the way into Nay's sweet, tight little girl ass, the KY letting me very easily slide deep into her young body.

Angie attempted to pull my hand, but it didn't do any good. My finger stayed planted inside Nay's ass. She cried and moaned as I pushed my finger in and out of her tight little body.

We changed positions again, and I laid her on her back and straddled her chest, and carefully put the tip of my rock-hard cock into her little mouth. Her silky warm tongue felt like heaven on my manhood. I finally came and released my hot load into her mouth, Nay's eyes lit up and opened wide, and she moaned sharply and immediately pulled her head away, and I spewed thick streaks of white cum all over her cute, innocent face, and through her shiny black hair. When I was finished, I positioned my body in between her smooth little legs and rubbed my cock against her sweet virgin pussy.

I lay next to my sweet virgin princess as I recovered from my mind-blowing orgasm, gently kissing the smooth skin of Nay's sweet body.

We took another shower, and I rubbed her ass and pussy with my fingers before covering her with soap from head to toe, spending extra time soaping up her smooth little pussy and her pink asshole. She said her asshole really hurt from my finger, and I told her I was very sorry for being too hard on her.

We got dried off and dressed again and spent more time together on the bed. I gave her some more chocolates which she really seemed to love, and we watched some cartoons together. Then after a half hour or so, I developed another urge to taste my sweet virgin princess, so I very politely asked her to pull down her panties for me.

Nay looked up at me with her innocent eyes, then over to Angie, and then she reluctantly complied…



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